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My name is Johnny Tran. I'm a digital product designer based in Austin, Texas. I enjoy creating user-centered, well crafted interfaces.

Currently, I'm working on enterprise buyer and seller applications for Dell Technologies.
My journey to design started in art. Since I was little, I was always sketching and drawing. The craft required to render an image or idea had always fascinated me. In college, I majored in art and focused my studies to digital media and drawing. Art led me to graphic/motion design, and that led to web design, and that led to user experience design.

One thing I did not like about art was that it did not have to solve a problem, in fact art doesn't even have to make sense. On the other hand, what I like about design is the promise to solve a problem, and the requirement to make sense. My work seems to live at the intersection between these two disciplines.
"I came to design because I was drawn to the beautiful. I stayed with design because I was drawn to the useful."
Tobias van Schneider
More about me
When I'm not at work designing, I spend most of my time working on side projects, reading about design, playing tennis, and spending time with family. I also like to jog and practice ways to live a more minimal life.
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