UI Design / App
Dell Sales Dashboard
UI design for a dashboard that tracks, in real-time, global sales information for Dell Inc.
Mar 2018
Dell Technologies
UI Design, App
This project began when Michael Dell saw a sales dashboard from Clover and asked if we could make something similar for Dell.

A rough prototype was created by the business and engineering teams. I was then brought in to provide information architecture and UI design for the dashboard and mobile app.
"Can we have something like this from Clover?"
Michael Dell
Prototype 1 created by business and engineering
The problem was that the prototype created was hard to understand; you could hardly tell what the information presented meant. Additionally, the dashboard did not look like Dell at all; it did not use any of the Dell Design System components.
At this point in the ask, the content had already been gathered. My job was now to redesign the dashboard. I did this in 3 phases. First, I organized the data. Second, I applied the Dell fonts, colors, and components. And lastly, I created a dark theme.

Considerations: The dashboard will be displayed on large 75" or greater TV monitors in the Dell Executive Briefing Center.
I began organizing the data by making sense of each section.
Overall, there are three main categories to the dashboard; revenue, orders, and the map.
In the redesign, first, I wanted to clearly communicate that this data is for 24 hours only beginning at midnight. Second, I organized the data into two sections, total revenue on top and total order volume at the bottom. Third, I utilized a spinning globe to show global activity. And lastly, I created the UI with Dell Design System components.
Prototype 2 created by business and engineering
After presenting the redesign to engineering, we learned that they will not be able to implement the spinning globe. Additionally, they would be removing and adding other data.
Updated redesign
A mobile version of the dashboard was also requested. I provided designs, using the same data elements from the full version, and created a custom app icon.
The home screen with an overview of total revenue and total order volume.
The menu opens up as an off canvas and has 3 items.
Global Activity
The global activity screen shows a world view of every sale that takes place along with revenue and order volume data.
Give Feedback
The give feedback screen allows the user to rate the app and give specific feedback.
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