Branding / UI / Website
Conojo Whiteboard App
Branding and website for an iOS app and creative collaboration platform.
Sept 2014
Space Chimp Media
Viz Mojo Labs, Inc.
Branding, Website, App
Conojo is a flexible whiteboard and drawing app for iPad.

I was contracted by Space Chimp Media to redesign the Conojo brand with a new logo, brand guide, website, and ui for the app.
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The original Conojo icon / logo was an image of various drawing tools. While it did do the job of an icon, the client wanted an official logo that could be scaled / used for other products and mediums. For the new logo and brand guide, I wanted to create something that expressed creativity but was also simple.
The new logo is a visual representation of the type C complimented with 3 additional circles to sublimely represent the three O's in Conojo. The visual similarity to a moon also compliments the idea of dreaming and creativity.
User Interface
I designed the user interface with 3 major sections: the header with menu options, the side bar with tools, and the center space.
The app features a variety of pre-made templates that can be accessed through a separate side bar.
Lastly, I created a fully responsive website from scratch to show off the app and brand.
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